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Adding In Line Css in Html


is a technique for develop web pages with hyper text markup language. When i create a new html file, for create a web page. For increse your web page quialty you can use a technique called cascading style sheet. you can make a new file for special css. and after then connect to each other html and css. now i will tell you, you can use css coding in html file also. For this you can use online css. it’s very easy and compatible for us.
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Cascading Style Sheet


CSS stand for cascading style sheets. This is working with HTML files for web pages. CSS (cascading style sheet)is a style sheet language used for describe the look and format of a document in HTML Or markup language. CSS (Cascading style sheet) is a simple procedure for adding style (e.g., fonts, colors, spacing, images) to Web documents.This is all type of work done by cascading style sheet OR CSS. And hyper text markup language (html) is also done this work but cascading style sheet offer more option compared with html (hyper text markup language), and is more sophisticated, good and accurate. cascading style sheet supported by all browser today.
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Page Layout

header Layout

Page layout is the process of arranging and placing of the content. The primary software program for desktop publishing this program are called page layout software Or page application. Page layouts help command the overall look and feel of a Web page. you should create a page according your content. you can say, in page layout you adjusts in this menu place, text color, body background color, content place etc all of things you can page layout. or text pixel, padding. margin etc. are also control from there.
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Website Design


Describes the tasks of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web. Web design encompasses a number of important elements Inclusive layout, color and overall graphical appearance. Web Design is Display Your Content in good way in your website. Content can be image, text, video etc.The web design term is normally use to describe the design of your website. Web design partially overlaps web engineering in the broader scope of web development.
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