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Domain Name Registrar


A Domain Name Registrar is a Service that allows you to officially register your website domain name, so that is unique to you. Before some time ago certain companies are provide domain name, but now a days there are hundreds companies provide a domain name. The domain name is a commercial entity that manage the reservation of internet domain name. you can say about a domain name registrar refers to the process of registering a domain name. which identify one or more IP (internet protocol) address with a name that is easy to memorize and use in identify special web pages. The person that register a domain name is called domain name registrar.
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Domain Name Registration


One of the most important needs for establishing an online recognizance is registering a domain name. This is the first step for publish a website. Because without domain name you can not publish your website. So this is must for us. Domain name is provide a service provider. you should required register a unique domain name for your website. Thus the people visit your website through your domain name.
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What Are Domain Names?


Domain name helps your business with a presence on the internet, Domain names are formed by the rules, procedures and principle  of the Domain Name System. Domain Name System  is also called DNS. Technically, any name registered in the Domain Name System  is a domain name. Domain names are used in various networking and addressing purposes. Generally , a domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, A personal computer used to access the Internet, a server computer hosting a web site, or any other service communicated via the Internet.
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