Web Server

web server

Web server can refer to both the hardware and the software. that helps to bestow web content that can be accessed via Internet. The most common use of web server is to host websites. but control the website’s author of the website. For publish your website you need to a copy of your website for web server. If you are connected to a network then your PC can act like a web server. For this you should contact a internet service provider. This is also called ISP. Internet service provider give you a internet service and after this you can make your pc like a web server.

For example if you enter a url in your web browser like http://www.webservices124.wordpress.com . After this, this sends a request to the web server whose domain name is webservices124.wordpress.com. Then the server search this domain name and sends it to your browser. any server change to a web server with the help of installing a web server software and connecting the computer to the internet. Many web server software application available.


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