E-commerce is stand for electronic commerce. This is a type of industries where you purchase & sell a products Or services through electronic system such as internet and other computer networks and source. online transaction processing is the part of e-commerce. Electronic commerce is term of any type of business. In other words you can say electronic commerce is a source of interpreter between two electronic devices.

E-commerce has expanded rapidly over the past five years, and now also expanded. it’s good news for us. Business to Business (B2B)refers to electronic commerce between businesses rather than between a business and a user.  Some example of electronics commerce is:

  • Online Shopping
  • Electronics Payment
  • Online Auctions
  • Internet Banking
  • Online Ticketing

Types of electronic commerce is:

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

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